Chronic Illness Management

Bainistíocht Breoiteachta Ainsealach

Chronic Illness Management Services

Chronic Disease Management

Recently introduced programme for patients over 70 with a chronic disease such as Diabetes / Asthma / COPD / Heart Disease. Patients have free regular reviews with their doctor and nurse to develop a personalised care plan, to improve their ability to manage their condition and to allow early detection of any complications of their condition.

Diabetes Cycle of Care

Patients with a medical card with Type 2 Diabetes can now have their condition reviewed twice a year- this assessment includes blood testing, Blood pressure check, medication review, BMI measurement and a symptomatic foot review.

Studies have shown that Primary Care is the optimal setting to provide the best standard of diabetes care for the majority of patients. The clinic is assisted by a diabetic nurse specialist from University Hospital Galway.

Asthma Management

Ireland has the 4th highest prevalence of Asthma worldwide. As a practice we aim to provide effective education on asthma management and improve levels of control in our patients.

COPD Management